VistaJet pledges carbon neutrality in four years’ time

VistaJet has pledged to go carbon neutral by 2025, far ahead of the current goal for aviation to cut emissions by 50 per cent by 2050.

Founder and chairman Thomas Flohr said there were a number of measures in place to help the company do so, ranging from using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to using fuel consumption reduction technology.

By doing so, he is confident that VistaJet will be carbon neutral in just four years, far ahead of targets set for the rest of the industry by civil aviation bodies, IATA and the aviation industry.

Flohr said: “Since the inception of VistaJet 17 years ago, we have always looked to the future, innovating and driving change within our industry.

“We have taken on the challenge to establish and promote a more efficient and sustainable way of flying.

“This is why, together with our partners and clients, we have been developing and adopting best practices and innovative solutions.

“Our model itself is the most effective in focusing on utilisation and a shared fleet concept; and adoption of more sustainable aviation fuels, and smarter, more economic aircraft.

“The industry as a whole must step up to combat climate change and its impact today — it’s the reduce right thing to do and we all have to act now.”