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Focusing on the latest aircraft, business jet owners and operators, FBOs, manufacturers, and suppliers. With in-depth reporting spanning the entire business aviation sector, EVA magazines offer thorough insights into every aspect of the industry.

EVA Monthly Newsletter: Navigating the Dynamic Landscape of Business Aviation

Our newsletter covers breakthroughs in technology, emerging market trends, and provides in-depth analysis beyond headlines. With expert insights, we offer a nuanced understanding of the business aviation industry developments, shaping the future of jets, FBOs, charter operators, and the latest trends in technology.

EVA – Media: Video Hosts Mo Banks and Paul Eden

Mo Banks, the Sales Manager, and Paul Eden, the Editor, collaborate to host a series of videos on EVA. Paul’s distinctive interviewing style, coupled with his insights into various business jets, complements Mo’s “Wow” factor as they provide walkthroughs and discussions on available jets, catering to those who aspire to own or fly in style.

Diverse media landscape: Connecting Through Varied Platform

At EVA International Media, our objective is to facilitate connections between our clients and partners through a diverse array of media platforms, utilising the multitude of tools available to us.