Eva Media is your passport to the forefront of business aviation. With a focus on business aircraft tours and insightful podcasts featuring industry executives, we offer a captivating glimpse into the future of corporate travel. Our commitment to excellence is underscored by our producer’s prestigious background, with experience garnered from industry giants like Amazon Prime and Netflix.

Podcast Offerings:

  • Business Aircraft Tours – Join us on a virtual journey through the skies as we explore the latest innovations in business aircraft. From sleek jets to cutting-edge technologies, our immersive tours showcase the epitome of luxury and efficiency in corporate travel. Experience the opulence and sophistication of private aviation from the comfort of your headphones.
  • Podcasts with Business Aviation Executives – Gain exclusive access to the insights and expertise of industry leaders shaping the future of business aviation. Our podcasts feature engaging discussions with executives, thought leaders, and innovators, offering a deep dive into market trends, technological advancements, and the evolving needs of corporate travelers. Stay informed and inspired by the voices driving change in the industry.
  • The Next Generation of Business Aviation – Eva Media is committed to charting the course for the next generation of business aviation. Through our podcasts, we explore emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and sustainable practices that are reshaping the industry landscape. From electric aircraft to AI-driven solutions, we’re dedicated to uncovering the innovations that will define the future of corporate travel.

Benefits of podcasting:

Elevate your brand by featuring in the leading aviation podcast. Advertise alongside industry giants or become a guest on the show. The host-guest connection ensures a loyal weekly audience, giving your advert exposure in each episode.

Podcasts offer a time-efficient communication platform with an international reach, accessible anytime, anywhere. The dynamic audio and video format provides an engaging alternative to traditional written content, making it an exciting way for listeners to discover your brand.

Enjoy the convenience of automatic episode downloads upon subscription, making podcasts an easily accessible and consumable form of content on the go.

Advertisement Variations:

  • Pre-roll advert – displayed at the beginning of a podcast.
  • Mid-roll advert – displayed in the middle of a podcast.
  • Outro advert – during the podcast conclusion the advertise can slip in a final message.
  • Audio advert – Allow us to craft your audio advertisement. Share a 100-word script highlighting your organization and the message you wish to convey to our audience. Our scriptwriters will collaborate with you to refine the content. We’ll then produce your advert using skilled voice-over artists, enhancing it with a captivating musical score that complements your message.
  • Video – Should you wish to feature an advertisement in our videos, simply provide us with your logo. Our team of 3D artists will transform it into a dynamic image that will seamlessly play at chosen intervals.

Release dates & marketing:

  • Achieve peak impact for your episode – One week prior to its release, our producer will reach out to provide a comprehensive guide, covering everything from the show’s audio aesthetics to expectations and optimal strategies for maximizing exposure for your episode.
  • Operational Steps (Audio) – Upon release, EVA International will debut the episode on both the Android and iPhone app stores. Accessing it is simple—download any podcasting application from the Android Play Store or iTunes. Search for and download The EVA Podcast to enjoy your episode.

Alternatively, you can conveniently listen to any episode on the EVA website by navigating to the “Podcast” section and hitting the play button.

  • Video Podcast – Catch the visual version of your episode on YouTube. Simply visit The EVA Podcast channel on YouTube to watch.
  • Optimal Exposure – We’ll amplify your episode across all our social media channels, and our host, Chris Notter, will further promote the show on his LinkedIn account.

After the episode airs, we recommend leveraging your social media presence to share and promote the episode as well.

For more information please contact:

Mo Banks, Sales Manager – mo@evaint.com  +44 (0)20 8253 4017