Safety Boost as Centreline Achieves Part-CC Approval

As part of a routine review back in 2019 (pre-pandemic), Centreline identified that there would be a significant safety and operational benefit from having fully safety-trained Cabin Crew available for their fleets of Embraer Legacy and Dassault Falcon aircraft.

With this in mind, Centreline began the process to apply for Part-CC approval from the CAA.

As part of this project, Part-CC would see Centreline develop manuals and in-house training to use Cabin Crew onboard instead of “Inflight service providers” – carrying a member of staff as a passenger to facilitate cabin service with no safety responsibility.

All cabin safety-related tasks were the responsibility of the Flight Crew, which can be challenging to manage in an emergency with passengers on a mid-size or large business jet.

As Centreline emerged from the pandemic, 2021 saw the project fully up to speed as we worked to develop a Cabin Crew manual and training program whilst investing in the existing Inflight Service Provider team, training them all to the regulatory standard.

After the CAA training inspection and proving flight on the 19th of May 2022, Centreline were given the green light, and the official operations specification changed to include Part CC on the 8th of July 2022.

The Part CC project fell perfectly in line as a prerequisite of the CSAT MOD contract that brought the fantastic RAF Air Stewards from 32 (The Royal) Squadron in line with Centreline’s own in-house Cabin Crew training and they now fly onboard the Envoy IV (as the Falcon 900 is known in RAF service) from RAF Northolt.

All this is part of Centreline long-term strategic plan to focus on larger aircraft, extended capabilities and a relentless focus on the highest levels of safety and operational excellence.