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Oetker Collection & SPARFELL – A new unique partnership

Oetker Collection is launching a unique partnership with Sparfell Aviation Group to offer private chartered flights to all of its properties around the globe.

Devotees of the Collection can now bypass the airport lounge and board one of Sparfell’s private airliners directly at the airport of their choosing, greeted by a friendly and expert crew. Thanks to this exclusive collaboration, Oetker Collection’s Masterpiece Hotels, Estates and Private Villas in the UK, Europe, the Caribbean and Brazil can be reached in serene security that is customised to groups of any size. From the plush leather recliners in a Sparfell plane to Oetker Collection’s bespoke rooms, suites and holiday homes, the experience of luxury and refined hospitality is continuous.

Dr. Timo Gruenert, CEO of Oetker Collection commented, “We are very excited about this opportunity to offer such a special travel experience to our guests. Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotels, Estates and Villas are designed around a refined concept of elegant hospitality and family spirit, and Sparfell is the ideal partner to deliver on those values in flight.”

Oetker Collection and Sparfell are said to be committed to ensuring safety and comfort. Sparfell flight crew have been briefed on how to avoid exposure to the coronavirus while off-duty and report to duty only if they are 100% symptom free. Flight attendants have received extensive training in updated hygiene protocols that include mandatory social distancing and the proper use of masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment.