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Gulfstream reveal schedule of customer support conference events in 2019

Gulfstream Aerospace is planning to host a comprehensive schedule of customer support events this year (2019), including two Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings, a Virtual Operators Conference, a flight operations forum and 10 operators forums.

The schedule takes place in Zurich with a flight operations session that coincides with the World Economic Forum, which is in nearby Davos, Switzerland. The flight operations event was created for Gulfstream flight crews and includes presentations on advanced aircraft technology, connectivity and an interactive collaboration session between pilots and Gulfstream personnel.

Derek Zimmerman, president of Gulfstream customer support, said: “This robust schedule ensures Gulfstream customers have the most up-to-date information on their aircraft. Each event is an opportunity for us to interact with our operators, get their crucial feedback and discuss a host of topics that provide them with information, products and services for the continued safe, reliable and efficient use of their Gulfstream aircraft.”

Gulfstream’s CAB meetings are held twice a year at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center and have been the staple of Gulfstream’s customer support organization since the launch in 1998. The CAB meetings offer a professional forum for Gulfstream operators to address senior management within the company. They also give staff—with concerns about their aircraft and support services—the opportunity to express their view.

Mr Zimmerman said: “The diversity of the CAB is representative of our international customer base, which continues to grow on almost every continent. Each CAB member brings to the event a unique perspective on their aircraft and its operation. We want to know how operators use their aircraft and what we can do to enhance their ownership experience.”

The interactive, biennial Virtual Operators Conference is should fall on the week of June 17 this year (2019). Gulfstream experts based in Savannah will provide online updates on model-specific aircraft programs, regulatory mandates, select aircraft systems and critical inspections to pilots, technicians, and other flight operations personnel worldwide.

Gulfstream’s operators forums is set for locations throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia in 2019. It includes question-and-answer sessions with subject matter experts on location and in Savannah via a live feed from Studio G—Gulfstream’s exclusive broadcast studio. Operators will have the chance to submit questions before the conference.

The forums provide fleet status, mandate and technology updates, maintenance management, technical training and pending technical bulletins. Gulfstream reviews its fleet support services ensuring operators are aware of all available resources.

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Gulfstream Customer Support Events in 2019

Flight Operations Forum on January 22 in Zurich; Customer Advisory Board Meetings from February 25 to 27 and August 5 to 7 in Savannah, Georgia. Virtual Operators Conference on the week of June 17 in Savannah, Georgia.