FL3XX launches FL3XX Source – The Broker Platform

FL3XX, the leader in aviation management software, is introducing FL3XX Source, the highly anticipated broker platform to its product ecosystem.

The launch takes place at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE 2022) and brings this most advanced and sought-after solution to the industry.

FL3XX Source is a stand-alone platform fully tailored toward business aviation charter brokers.

It combines FL3XX’s strong technological capabilities, fine-tuned by insights from brokers, customers, and partner companies over the last months.

“Opening the FL3XX platform to brokers is another step in our journey towards achieving the global, inclusive platform for business aviation,”  says Paolo Sommariva, CEO and Co-Founder FL3XX.

The advantages of this cloud-based, one-stop platform are that it centralizes all information and automates workflows to enable brokers to quote effectively from anywhere.

With the ability for users to build aircraft and operators directory from any source of choice, FL3XX Source also automates document generation (e.g. charter quotes and invoices) and helps to seamlessly manage aircraft, airport, and client information.

Transportation, HOTAC, and handling orders are equally managed through the built-in CRM.

Fast Private Jet, one of Europe’s premier brokers and charter operators, is the first adopter and launch customer for FL3XX Source.

“The benefits of the new platform are significant”, says Mauro De Rosa, CEO, and Founder of Fast Private Jet.

“We all know how much information is required to generate a quotation and how many infinite variables must be taken into account to operate and manage every single flight.

“From this point of view, the new FL3XX Source represents a breakthrough, having been designed with the goal of simplifying the daily operations and the way we are used to working.

“At Fast Private Jet we are really proud to have been supporting this new project and to be part of this exciting journey together with the FL3XX team.”

To give brokers even more flexibility, FL3XX Source will also be available as a Mobile App for iOS and Android.