FL3XX & Aviapages introduce Revolutionary Flight Time Calculator Integration

Aviapages, a leading European IT & API solutions provider for business aviation, and FL3XX, the global aviation management and scheduling platform, have joined forces to unveil their groundbreaking Flight Time Calculator integration.

This collaboration, announced at the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) on May 23rd, marks a significant milestone for both companies.

Through the integration of Aviapages’ Flight Time & Route Calculator into the FL3XX platform, users now have access to a powerful flight planning tool.

With Aviapages’ automated countries and FIRs avoidance feature, FL3XX now achieves an impressive 97% accuracy in flight time estimation.

This innovation is particularly valuable for sales departments, as even a small deviation of 15-20 minutes in flight time can result in additional expenses.

The Flight Time Calculator provides real-time data on airway routes, fuel planning, and cost estimates, empowering users to plan their journeys with confidence, while saving valuable time and resources.

Furthermore, the comprehensive tool facilitates direct charter requests to operators’ FL3XX profiles and enables the promotion of Empty Legs to Aviapages users. This in turn fosters increased collaboration and opens new avenues for business growth.

Aviapages CEO, Evgeny Chuprov, commented on this partnership, “We are proud to achieve this milestone and develop cooperation between our platforms.

“It was a long and challenging process from a technical point of view. The end product will be beneficial for all parties – us, FL3XX platform and their users.

“I believe this integration is particularly useful to operators in their every-day work. We do not plan to stop here. Our aim is to further develop the features within the tool, adding new parameters to calculate in the future.”

FL3XX CEO and Co-Founder, Paolo Sommariva, highlighted: “We are committed to providing our customers with advanced tools and features to elevate user experiences and efficiency.

“That is why we chose to collaborate with Aviapages because of the significant benefits their online calculator offers to our customers.

“This integration is a significant step towards enhancing productivity of our customers which adds convenience and streamlines their overall aviation operations.”