Davinci Jets completes SmartSky first article installation on Citation Latitude

SmartSky Networks, provider of inflight air-to-ground (ATG) connectivity for business aviation, today announced that sales and installation partner Davinci Jets has completed its third SmartSky STC installation, bringing game changing connectivity to a customer-owned Citation Latitude.

The SmartSky Flagship equipped aircraft has returned to service and FAA Supplemental Type certification is expected in the coming months, making SmartSky readily available for more than 200 in-service Latitude models.

Owners are encouraged to reach out to their preferred MRO to discuss installation options. SmartSky has 15 STCs and more than a dozen in progress.

Eric Legvold, CEO of Davinci Jets said: “Demand for SmartSky is growing in the marketplace because customers expect to be continuously and reliably connected even while in transit.

“The customers who are now flying SmartSky-equipped planes are able to do just that.

“We are proud to be upgrading our customers’ inflight experience with the only next-generation ATG connectivity solution that is available for business aviation.”

The installation was completed by Davinci Jets Services, the company’s full-service MRO, with engineering support provided by Liberty Partners of Okmulgee, OK.

Rich Pilock, Vice President of Connectivity Sales for SmartSky said: “It’s great to work with a partner like Davinci Jets that has listened to its customers and committed to delivering the best available service as both a management and MRO provider.

“Their outstanding execution on multiple installations has made them a reliable source for any owner operator looking to upgrade their aircraft”.