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CACL to provide ground handling for business jets at Beijing

A joint agreement has been signed between Beijing International Airport ad ground services provider, CALC which will entail CALC providing ground handling and other services for business jets at the airport.

The board of Beijing Airport stated: “The Board announces that on 28 September 2018, the Company entered into the Business Jet Ground Services Joint Operation Agreement with CACL, pursuant to which the Company agreed to permit CACL to conduct ground services to business jets taking off and landing and other relevant businesses at the Beijing Airport for a term of three years commencing from 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2021.”

The airport discussed as to what activities CALC will be performing at the airport:

  1. Allocation of parking spaces for business jets – daily allocation of parking spaces
    for business jets and management of parking of business jets in accordance with
    the relevant regulations.
  2.  Operation of business jets’ terminal – operation of business jets’ terminal and
    provision of passenger services in the business jets’ terminal.
  3. Provision of support services at the business jets’ parking aprons – provision of
    business jets maintenance and repair services and special equipment in relation to
    water, sewage and towing services.