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Boom Supersonic Announces FlightSafety International As Overture Flight Training Partner

Boom Supersonic today announced FlightSafety International (FSI) as its exclusive partner for Overture supersonic flight training and education.

FSI is the premier professional aviation training company and supplier of flight simulators to the world’s leading commercial aircraft manufacturers and operators.

FSI will develop a training program and curriculum for Overture pilots, mechanics, and cabin crew, specifically tailored for supersonic flight and operations.

The comprehensive training program will leverage the expertise of professional FAA-and EASA-qualified instructors, and include state-of-the-art flight simulators and training environments.

To support Boom’s commercial airline customers who conduct their own internal training, FSI will provide full-flight simulators.

“Safety is our top priority at Boom, and is integral to how we train future pilots, technicians, and cabin crew, and prepare our customers to operate Overture,” said Tracy Bevington, SVP, Commercial Product & Services at Boom.

“Boom has selected FSI because of their decades-long leadership in flight training and their proven ability to ensure we have the highest levels of safety in place as we prepare for the Overture flight test program to commence in 2027.”

FSI will provide flight deck simulators for The Iron Bird, Boom’s integration test facility in Colorado.

They will also provide full-flight simulators and training curriculum for advanced flight training.

Developed to support the Overture flight test program, including regulatory certification, the flight simulators will incorporate industry-leading technologies for the highest levels of safety, fidelity, and reliability.

“FlightSafety International has been at the forefront of aviation training and education for 70 years and boasts the largest fleet of full-flight simulators and training centers,” said Nate Speiser, EVP, Sales & Marketing for FlightSafety.

“We’ve provided world-class training and technology support for many different aircraft programs that have made history.

“And now, we are honored to work with Boom to develop training programs and simulators for supersonic flight, which we believe will fundamentally change how we travel.”