Bell 525 Completes More Than 50 Customer Demonstration Flights

During Bells month-long demonstration tour in the U.S., Bell captured the attention of more than 500 prospective customers who had the opportunity to experience the Bell 525.

The Bell team hosted more than 50 demonstrations to showcase its advanced operating capabilities to eager prospective customers.

“The Bell 525 is a phenomenally unique flying experience. It is incredibly smooth and intuitive, simple to operate, and blends complex advancements into an impressive pilot and passenger experience,” said James Maner, chief pilot, PHI Americas.

Bell raised the bar with next-generation technology, and the 525 stands poised to usher in a new era in vertical lift.”

Visiting rotorcraft facilities in Houston, TX; Mobile, AL; Bristol, TN; Lafyette, LA; and Washington, D.C., the tour attracted customers in the oil and gas, military, and search and rescue (SAR) industries for its reliability, generous seating for up to 16 passengers, and ability to successfully navigate during offshore operations.

No matter what type of challenging environment, the Bell 525 allows operators to safely perform any mission with its best-in-class design technologies.

This 21st century aircraft is on its way to becoming the first certified commercial fly-by-wire (FBW) helicopter in the global marketplace. Groundbreaking FBW technologies allow operators to tackle their toughest missions with ease.

“I was really excited to fly in the Bell 525 Relentless,” said Mike Hirschberg, executive director, Vertical Flight Society, after participating in one of the demonstrations.

“It was so stable, smooth and quiet. As a passenger, it felt more like riding in an airliner.”

The Bell 525 mockup will be on display for the first time at the 2022 ONS Conference and Exhibit in Stavanger, Norway from Aug. 27 to Sept. 2.

Show attendees will be able to tour the aircraft configured with an oil and gas interior set-up