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BACA’s training guide to ‘best practice’ with charter flight focus

BACA held another training session for members this week (February 6), focusing on best practice. In this fast-moving industry, BACA ensures brokers have the opportunity to keep up-to-date with the latest market trends and regulations, and to get together to share ideas and feedback.

The session’s focus was BACA’s own guide to best practice, delivered by Julie Black of Hunt & Palmer and Kevin Ducksbury of Emerge Aviation, on ‘the role of the broker’. Many aspects of arranging a charter flight were covered in detail, including: defining the broker relationship, pre-qualification, types of and reasons for charter, key operational aspects such as the Freedoms of the Air, airport choice, permits, crew duty, safety checks, pricing pitfalls and liability.

Photo by BACA – Best Practice training day

In attendance to this set of training sessions were representatives of twelve major international broking companies as well as aircraft operators, service companies and handlers. Training was carried out in a standing-only room. The event kicked off with a session by Gogo Business Aviation and a presentation from Jim Zanino on inflight connectivity.

BACA Chairman Richard Mumford concluded the day by saying that the informative presentations had clearly demonstrated the complexity of the charter process and the value that the broker brings to that relationship, for both client and operator alike.  He went on to thank the presenters for a very successful day’s training and the attendees for their enthusiastic engagement.

Following the comprehensive morning sessions, delegates enjoyed a networking lunch before returning for the afternoon session. Synergy Aviation’s Richard Nolan gave a concise presentation, detailing the charter process from the operator’s perspective, with tips on their expectations of the broking relationship.

Feature image by Air Charter Service