Zeusch Aviation medevac and charter business adds King Air 200

Zeusch Aviation, the Netherlands-based aerial services provider, has taken delivery of its third aircraft, a King Air 200. The latest addition to the young Lelystad airport-based operator will join the existing fleet of two King Air C90A aircraft, and begin operations in mid-July.

With a dual-purpose role, it becomes the first Zeusch aircraft to support medevac and passenger charter operations. In medevac configuration the aircraft carries a Lifeport  PLUS-system which incorporates a stretcher for a single patient, as well as high-tech medical equipment including a vacuum system, compressed air, a three-outlet 1000 watts inverter (230VAC) and a 3500-litre oxygen system with remote filling port.

Additional equipment can be added with the requisite patient care administered by up to two clinicians, depending on each individual mission. On the flight deck a dual-system Garmin G600/750 glass cockpit supports efficient emergency and charter operations.

With it its versatile performance capabilities, including the ability to land and take off from short and unpaved runways, the King Air 200 is an ideal rapid, first responder for emergency evacuation situations within Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

When in service it will transport patients directly to ground-ambulances for transfer to hospital, offer repatriation services and link with longer-range aircraft to take critical medical cases to clinical centres of excellence. It will also be used for fast delivery of life saving organs.

To maximise the aircraft’s operational efficiency for Zeusch, the medevac format can be switched out in less than two hours and reconfigured to support private charter operations.

The stretcher and medical equipment are replaced by a divan and six seats to provide comfort on flights of typically up to two hours for up to four passengers.

With a central European base, it is anticipated the King Air 200 will be regularly chartered to support business travellers flying between principal European city pairs, as well as providing a convenient option for leisure travellers flying to ski resorts or southern European destinations.

The G-registered King Air 200, G-MEDZ, will operate in partnership with UK-headquartered private air ambulance company IAS Medical, which holds the AOC on which the aircraft will operate.

“We recognise that we are a new player in the medevac market which is why we have chosen to work with our highly experienced IAS Medical colleagues. We are using the company’s extensive knowledge as a guideline to further develop our own reliable, responsive, operational standards.

We want to achieve the highest levels of quality as the safety and security of our passengers, and crew, are always at the top of our priority list,” said Managing Director, Herman van Kranenburg.  Zeusch Aviation will also support IAS Medical during busy periods providing them with extra medevac cover when needed.

The existing two Zeusch King Air C90 already serve TV relay, surveillance and mapping missions with versatile interiors configured for rapid change-out to suit the mission purpose.

The addition of the third turboprop supports the young company’s ambitions to develop new charter markets and business sectors within the EMEA region. Plans to further extend its charter offering include the addition of a longer-range aircraft before the end of 2018.

“We believe Beechcraft aircraft offer the flexibility needed to support our increasing range of missions. Our fleet has been in operation since June 2017 with mapping, TV relays and survey services making up the majority of the business.

We wanted to add a robust aircraft to support growth of our charter business and medevac operations as we continue to expand our remit,” added van Kranenburg. “The addition of a further aircraft to serve longer legs will complement our existing business and improve our charter service offering.”