X-1FBO unveils its latest module – X-1 Landing

X-1FBO a known innovator in aviation technology and the creator of the cutting-edge X-1FBO Management System, has announced the formal launch of its purpose-built X-1 Landing System (“X-1 Landing”).

This new airport focused solution integrates automated aircraft tracking using the X-1TRX data, smart invoicing, and payment processing to, set a new standard for efficiency for airport operations and aircraft operators. The inaugural deployment will take place at Morristown Airport, NJ (KMMU).

Say goodbye to posting a person with binoculars to read tail numbers. X-1 Landing provides a fully automated solution for tracking all incoming and outgoing aircraft traffic.

Based on aircraft characteristics such as size, weight, category, or customer-negotiated rates, X-1 Landings smart invoicing automatically calculates the correct fees and sends the invoices to the customer for payment – eliminating data entry all together.

Customers can choose to settle invoices securely via email or conveniently log into their airport-provided Customer Portal. Within the Customer Portal, the customer can view and pay single or multiple landing fees at a time.

For repeat customers, a statement can be sent to the customer and a payment method on file can be applied, making the airport’s billing and collections hands-free.

Morristown Airport, located in Morristown, NJ, and operated by DM Airport, LTD, is a premier General Aviation reliever airport that places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and community engagement.

During each step of development, X-1 Landing was tested at Morristown Airport to ensure that every aspect of the customer experience is both seamless and user-friendly – and that nothing was missed.

According to Corey Hanlon, DM Airport Manager, “We are very excited about introducing this new product for our loyal, Morristown Airport users, X-1 Landing is going to enable us to provide an even higher level of convenience and reliability for our valued customers.”

George Reyes, Director of Business Development & Co-Founder of X-1, worked closely with the MMU team to help define the product. George says “X-1’s mission is clear: Leverage Smart Technology to turn challenges into conveniences for our users. Working alongside the Morristown team has been an insightful journey, and it’s gratifying and we’re proud to be part of their drive to innovate.

“X-1 products are designed with one goal in mind: Enable our users to work smarter, not harder, through X-1 Smart Technology. The team at Morristown has been great to work with and we’re happy to play a small part in their continued successes.”

Humberto Zuluaga, CTO of X-1FBO added “We are committed to driving transformative change in General Aviation, addressing a need that has long been overdue. We’re excited to watch the impact of X-1 Landing unfold.”