World Fuel’s Air elite welcomes B. Coleman Aviation for improved Chicago access

World Fuel’s Air Elite Network welcomes B. Coleman Aviation (KGYY), the go-to location for safe, quick, and efficient access to the Chicago area.

As a business aviation focused facility, B. Coleman Aviation serves as the best option to the congested, commercial, class B airspace of Chicago Midway International Airport, O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Executive Airport, World Fuel says.

Based out of the International Gary/Chicago International Airport, B. Coleman Aviation is independently owned, has customs onsite and is a full-service fixed base operator (FBO) that
is only a 35-minute drive from the loop and metro area.

Air Elite is the global FBO network curated for elite service. Each location is committed to service excellence and is audited to ensure the highest facility standards.

All Air Elite locations receive an invitation to participate in the global network after a diligent review of their facilities and commitment to high-quality service to passengers and pilots.

B. Coleman Aviation successfully exceeded the required qualifications, World Fuel says, to earn an invitation to the global network curated for elite service.

This process is governed by the Air Elite board, comprised of members who maintain the network membership and brand.

Malcolm Hawkins, senior vice president, global business aviation, World Fuel Services, said: “Welcoming B. Coleman Aviation to the Air Elite Network aligns with our commitment to curating elite service.

“B. Coleman Aviation’s unique position as an alternative to the commercial airspace in Chicago ensures our customers have an option that will get them where they need to be quickly.”

World Fuel says the FBO’s modern facility has a unique ramp-side canopy, its only kind in Chicago, that protects passengers and aircraft from the elements and is large enough to house a Bombardier Global Express and a Gulfstream G550.

Whether aircraft needs to be protected from summer heat and hail or winter weather, World Fuel says B. Coleman Aviation’s hangar space is a superior option year-round.

“We are very honoured to continue our relationship with World Fuel Services by being selected as an Air Elite location”

John Girzadas, president of B. Coleman Aviation

The facility also includes WiFi, a surround sound theatre with a 105-inch screen, conference rooms, a café with complimentary beverages, a premier pilots lounge, fitness room and shower facilities.

John Girzadas, president of B. Coleman Aviation, said: “We are very honoured to continue our relationship with World Fuel Services by being selected as an Air Elite location. This will help us continue delivering elite service to the competitive Chicago region.”

As a member of the World Fuel Network, B. Coleman Aviation has new payment options and a loyalty offer with World Fuel Contract card, AVCARD by World Fuel and World Fuel Rewards.

Customers can save even more by utilising AVCARD to pay for services including B. Coleman Aviation’s competitive hangar fees.

Image credits: World Fuel Services (handouts)