Wheels Up Selects Bluetail to centralize all aircraft maintenance records

Bluetail, a leading modern aircraft records platform for business aviation, announced today that Wheels Up has entered into an agreement to implement Bluetail’s all-in-one aircraft records management hub and MACH Conformity module for its entire owned aircraft fleet.

“We conducted a detailed optimization analysis of our maintenance records procedures to identify opportunities for enhanced accuracy and efficiency, while ensuring the highest levels of safety,” said Scott Caddick, Wheels Up, Vice President, Fleet Maintenance.

“We expect Wheels Up’s partnership with Bluetail to provide measurable time and cost savings for our maintenance operation, and improve aircraft availability.”

Bluetail’s modern, cloud-based, SOC2 and FAA-compliant software and scanning services will allow Wheels Up maintenance teams to have instant access, advanced search capabilities and the ability to securely share records regardless of where aircraft are located.

MACH Search, the industry-leading AI search engine, enables faster and more accurate record searches, saving hundreds of hours of research time with no need for document tagging, which is expected to result in aircraft back in the air sooner.

“Wheels Up is one of the most progressive on-demand private aircraft providers, and digitizing and centralizing all aircraft records for their owned aircraft fleet will help control maintenance costs and improve aircraft availability,” stated Stuart Illian, Bluetail Co-founder.

“We are extremely proud that they have selected Bluetail’s modern digital records platform to securely store and manage all of their maintenance and service records.”