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Wheels Up announces streamlined product portfolio

Wheels Up

Wheels Up Experience Inc. today announced a streamlined product portfolio.

Working with strategic partner Delta Air Lines, America’s most awarded airline, Wheels Up can now provide an even greater level of flexibility to meet the needs of today’s most discerning travellers.

This new product model offers simple solutions and unique incentives that maximize ease and choice while maintaining the highest standards of operation and safety for first-time and experienced private fliers alike.

George Mattson, Wheels Up CEO said: “We are introducing the marketplace to a new way of flying private, one that further delivers choice to customers and adds to the value of Wheels Up’s premium travel experience by capitalizing on our global aviation network, competitive pricing model, and unique capacity to offer guaranteed availability and recovery to our members in areas where they travel most.”

Wheels Up’s partnership with Delta, along with the company’s private fleet and global charter capabilities, allows Wheels Up to offer a wide range of safety-vetted aviation solutions.

As a result, Wheels Up is positioned to provide the right aircraft for the right mission, creating the opportunity for customers to select a mode of travel that works for their specific needs, for every trip to any destination, creating customer experiences worth repeating.

Fliers with predictable annual spend can utilize Wheels Up Membership, where a small annual fee and upfront funded flight hours unlock increased flexibility and expanded global access with guaranteed availability and recovery within the U.S., U.K. and Europe.

Wheels Up Membership provides price protection by featuring capped member costs on high-demand days and reduced rates that optimize affordability during non-peak travel times – a combination that has already resulted in meaningful member savings no matter how or when members choose to fly.

Wheels Up also offers members the unique opportunity to earn Diamond Medallion Status with Delta based on their qualifying Wheels Up spend, as well as the ability to use funds on deposit to purchase seats on commercial Delta flights. As an added incentive, eligible members receive a 20% discount on certain Delta fares on select routes.

For travelers who are looking to pay as they go, Wheels Up Charter allows customers to book ad-hoc trips with no upfront costs for everything from that perfect family vacation to a multi-stop, international business itinerary.

Wheels Up charter gives fliers the freedom to tailor each trip to their specific needs, with access to a large network of safety-vetted aircraft.

For added value, fliers can expect to earn rewards for each flight – 2% flight credit for every $50,000 flown, and Diamond Medallion Status with Delta after achieving qualifying flight spend.

This comprehensive program is the first of its kind for private aviation, rewarding and incentivizing frequent charter bookings.