West Star Aviation Joins Aviation Technical Education Council (ATEC) and Sister Organization, Choose Aviation

West Star Aviation has announced that it has joined the Aviation Technical Education Council and is actively supporting the mission of their sister organization, Choose Aviation.

The mission of both organizations strengthens West Star Aviation’s longstanding focus on connecting with our local communities, K-12 educational institutions and part 147 aviation maintenance schools to promote career opportunities, apprenticeships, internships and mentoring while improving future access to licensed aircraft maintenance technicians.

ATEC along with sister organization Choose Aerospace, are pioneering new ways to address the AMT talent shortage which aligns with West Star’s focus. 

By joining ATEC and supporting Choose Aerospace, we are becoming better advocates in our local communities to share the rich content and stimulated learning already developed for K-12 educational institutions to incorporate Aviation Maintenance into their high school curriculum. 

By providing tools and ready to go resources including learning developed by part 147 educators using the latest technology, the program will increase interest of prospective AMTs at a younger age and lead to more students pursuing an AMT related career.

When more pathways exist to go from high school to college or high school to work, the prospective employees and the companies wanting to hire them both win. 

Our customers choose West Star Aviation for our highly skilled workforce, and we are passionate about promoting the opportunities in our communities of becoming an AMT whenever possible.