Bombardier appoints vice president of worldwide sales for Learjet aircraft

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Worldwide sales at Bombardier Business Aircraft  appoints vice president and a new sales team to champion Learjet aircraft sales in the United States.

Peter Bromby was appointed vice president for worldwide sales, at Learjet aircraft for Bombardier, yesterday (January 17). He will bring more than 20 years of business aviation leadership to the role.

Alongside the United States-based sales team, Mr Bromby will be responsible for driving aircraft sales, while also retaining his current role as vice president at worldwide pre-owned aircraft sales. Under this new role, he has a clear mandate to increase Learjet brand awareness and sales, particularly in the North American market.

Peter Likoray, senior vice president, for worldwide sales and marketing at Bombardier Business Aircraft, said: “Given Peter’s impressive vision, he will bring a strong sales focus on the Learjet 70 and Learjet 75—key pillars of the Bombardier Business Aircraft’s portfolio. Learjet aircraft are the best performing and best equipped aircraft in their class and offer the best value. They also bring distinct comfort advantages that have become synonymous with Learjet and Bombardier these past decades.”

Bombardier’s Learjet program has more than 2,200 Learjet aircraft flying across the globe, including the Learjet 23 to the Learjet 75.