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VistaJet announces new partnership with Olivier Bernstein

VistaJet, the first and only global business aviation company, expands its iconic wine program with an exclusive partnership with Olivier Bernstein to offer wine drinkers and collectors the opportunity to savor and connect with one of Burgundy’s finest winemakers — both in-flight on board the game-changing Global 7500 aircraft and at destination.

The partnership is also celebrated with the creation of a limited edition seven-bottle case of a specially selected assortment of Grand Cru wines, which will be available for Members to purchase and deliver to their cellar directly from Bernstein’s cellar in Beaune, France.

This pioneering move came to fruition after a conversation between VistaJet Founder and Chairman Thomas Flohr and Bernstein, about how best to maintain the integrity of fine wines.

“We have worked with experts to understand how taste and smell are affected by the atmosphere in a pressurized cabin and found that nasal sensors’ reception of aromas are limited owing to the lower air pressure that comes with a lower humidity,” Thomas Flohr, Vistajet’s founder and chairman.

“In particular, fruit flavors become diminished, while bitterness and spiciness are largely unaffected.

“These insights allow us to carefully select wines that will give the best flavor and fullness at altitude.”

“Burgundy wines are fragile, complex and can be quite difficult to understand,” said Olivier Bernstein.

“They can lose their magic and sensuality if they are not correctly stored or delivered.

“Sourcing directly from the growers’ cellars and having them delivered directly is, to me, the ultimate guarantee of quality.”

The partnership brings together two visionary brands that are pioneers in their industries. In only 20 years, both Bernstein’s wines and VistaJet have grown quickly to global acclaim.