Video: Duncan Aviation shows off Global Express interior

Duncan Aviation knows that sometimes a video can better convey the absolute wonder of a project when words fall a little short.

That’s what happened when faced with describing the incredible details in a Bombardier Global Express that the talented crew in Lincoln, Nebraska, recently renovated.

The unique design elements incorporated throughout the interior perfectly showcase Duncan Aviation’s multi-shop capabilities, and in order to capture the remarkable difference between how the aircraft looked before and after the renovation, a time-lapse video was created.

See it here:

In the before images, the Global Express looked dated, inside and out, with its sun-dulled exterior paint and the dark, heavy colors used throughout the cabin.

In the after images, the glossy, gleaming new exterior—carried through on the Duncan-Aviation-created, stainless-steel stairs—sets the tone for the bright and spacious contemporary interior.

From the design specifications, Duncan Aviation’s Interior and Completion Shops built the spectacular starburst on the bulkhead divider. The resulting work of art demanded a delicate balance between the weight and durability of the materials, and the Interior team fit every contour and line so the starburst lines up perfectly when the door is closed.

Eye-catching stingray skins adorn the custom-made tables in the cabin, and elements of the skin were carried through to the sink in the aft lav. As the camera passes by the gleaming wood cabinets in the galley, take note of the marble flooring.

The custom-designed carpet in the cabin perfectly complements the honeycomb design of the roomy, comfortable seats.