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Venus Aerospace Applauds New Faa Legislation That Elevates, Boosts U.S. Hypersonic Aviation Industry

Venus Aerospace applauds and expresses its gratitude to the House and Senate Committees for their forward-looking and hard work on FAA Reauthorization legislation.

FAA Reauthorization legislation, which is passed approximately every 5 years, provides the public policy blueprint for the U.S. aviation and aerospace industries which support millions of well-paying jobs and creates billions of dollars of economic value for the United States.

“The House and Senate bills show that Congress recognizes the importance of hypersonic aviation, and allows the United States to maintain its long history of leadership in aviation” stated Venus CEO and co-founder Sarah “Sassie” Duggleby.

Venus Aerospace applauds the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee for its incredibly hard work on passing the Securing Growth and Robust Leadership in American Aviation Act, H.R. 3935 out of Committee yesterday.

We thank Chairman Sam Graves and Ranking Member Larsen for their collegial and bipartisan leadership and look forward to working with them in the days ahead.

Venus Aerospace wishes to express its sincere appreciation to Congressman Mike Collins (GA-10) for his strong bipartisan leadership on hypersonic aviation. Together with Congresswoman Emilia Skyes (OH-13) and Congressman Brian Babin (TX-36), Mr. Collins led a successful effort to further strengthen H.R. 3935’s hypersonic aviation policy through an amendment.

Mr. Collins explained, “hypersonic technology is the future, and America must lead and not fall behind China and Russia in this new arena of aviation.

“My amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill achieves that goal by requiring the FAA to provide a clear framework so that hypersonic manufacturers can design and test aircraft that will one day fly passengers across the globe.

“I thank my colleagues for their support and look forward to continuing to champion the development of hypersonic technology.”

Ms. Sykes stated, “as a member of the House Aerospace Caucus, I’m proud to co-lead this bipartisan amendment to ensure the United States remains a leader in hypersonic technology.

“This amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill creates clear guidelines so hypersonic manufacturers can easily design, test, and develop the aircraft of the future.

“I will continue to support innovative and cutting-edge aerospace technologies which will create good-paying jobs and pave the way for a new generation of flight.”

Dr. Babin, Chairman of the House Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee, stated, “ensuring the U.S. remains in the driver’s seat for the future of aviation is essential to our success and security.

“Our amendment guarantees the FAA provides a roadmap – not a roadblock – for innovative American companies pushing boundaries and pursuing hypersonics.

“As a senior member of both the House Science, Space, and Technology and the Transportation and Infrastructure Committees, I will continue supporting this industry and holding the torch on this issue.

“I appreciate Rep. Collins’ work on this matter and look forward to collaborating with him again in the future.”

As a company based in the 36th district of TexasVenus is grateful for Dr. Babin’s steadfast encouragement and support of Venus since our founding.

Venus Aerospace applauds the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science on Transportation for introducing the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2023 earlier this week.

The Senate legislation thoughtfully lays out a robust and well-constructed policy foundation for the U.S. hypersonic industry.

The legislation would ensure that the FAA is prepared to certify and regulate hypersonic aircraft in the years ahead as foreign regulators and companies also make strides in hypersonic technology.

We express our gratitude to Chair Cantwell and Ranking Member Cruz for their bipartisan leadership on this important issue and look forward to seeing the legislation progress.