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UrbanLink Air Mobility to provide advanced air mobility solutions in South Florida

New Airline Positioned to be First eVTOL Operator in a New Era of Carbon Free Regional Air Travel

UrbanLink Air Mobility LLC, a South Florida-based start-up, aims to be the first provider of all electric zero emission advanced air mobility (AAM) solutions and is positioned to make history as the first airline in the U.S. to integrate electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft into its fleet.

UrbanLink will lead the entry into service and management of AAM in South Florida, and will expand to other markets, including Los Angeles, playing a vital role in the seamless integration of AAM into the existing transportation infrastructure.

UrbanLink expects to start the certification process, subject to all FAA and DOT approvals, in Q4 2025 with entry into revenue service by Summer 2026.

UrbanLink’s launch comes at a critical time when cities worldwide are grappling with congestion and environmental challenges.

By harnessing leading composite airframe and electric engine technology, UrbanLink will transform the way people move to and from as well as within urban cores, enhancing connectivity and sustainability.

Additionally, as the industry begins to transition toward all-electric aircraft, which produce zero carbon emissions, AAM will play a crucial role in driving the aviation industry’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

Ed Wegel, Founder and Chairman of UrbanLink said: “Advanced air mobility is quickly becoming a reality and UrbanLink will lead the charge in bringing this transformative technology to life in South Florida as well as additional U.S. and overseas markets.

“Our team is passionate about leveraging AAM to create smarter, more efficient transportation solutions that positively impact communities.

“South Florida, with its unique geographical and demographic characteristics, presents an exciting opportunity for us to demonstrate the transformative potential of air mobility.”

UrbanLink is collaborating with stakeholders across the public and private sectors to develop integrated AAM systems tailored to the needs of South Florida.

Through strategic partnerships and investment in aircraft and development, UrbanLink aims to establish itself as a leader in the AAM sector, driving innovation and helping to shape the future of regional air transportation.