Update: Rescue search continues for missing PA 46 Piper Malibu plane

According to Police in France, 1,155sq miles have been searched so far. A decision will be made at sunset as to whether or not to continue the search for missing PA 46 Piper Malibu plane and 28-year-old footballer, Emiliano Sala.

A spokesperson from the Guernsey Police, said: “One plane and one lifeboat are still searching and another plane will rejoin after refueling.”

The PA 46 Malibu, a single turbine engine aircraft, was on route from France, to Cardiff in the UK, with two people on board when it disappeared off radar as Jersey ATC was attempting to make contact.

A search model was created on SARIS yesterday, based on the likely ditching position, and all search and rescue assets have already been tasked to the area.

* More of this story to come