Universal Avionics Establishes Repair Capability for Dassault FalconEye

Universal Avionics (UA), an Elbit Systems company, has announced the addition of repair services for the Dassault FalconEye product line at its Tucson, AZ-based Part 145 Repair Station.

Established repair capabilities for the advanced system augments worldwide services provided by Universal Avionics on enhanced vision systems.

As Dassault continues to ramp up production of its aircraft with FalconEye, North American customers will now have access to local and comprehensive support for these cutting-edge technologies.

The FalconEye Combined Vision System (CVS) uses synthetic, database-driven terrain mapping with multi-sensor camera inputs to provide pilots with enhanced situational awareness through its heads-up display.

These technologies enable safer approaches during adverse weather conditions and terrain. FalconEye lets you approach every mission with a greater level of confidence.

“The FalconEye camera is one of the most sophisticated electrical-optical systems available for commercial aviation” said Dror Yahav, Chief Executive Officer at Universal Avionics.

“The implementation of repair services in North America for Dassault FalconEye guarantees customers will have first-rate service of the system.”

Pilots fly head-up with the Dassault FalconEye Combined Vision System (CVS) to approach every mission with a greater level of confidence