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UK regulator proposes to streamline licensing system for general aviation pilots

UK regulator proposes streamlining general aviation pilot licensing system
The consultation will be open for 10 weeks and will close on the 22 May (Image credit: Adobe Stock)

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has put forward new proposals that will make pilot licensing easier for general aviation pilots.

The regulator is working to simplify the licensing process as part of its General Aviation Pilot Licensing and Training Simplification project.

According to the CAA, new proposals set out in a consultation published today will see changes to a “wide range of issues”.

This includes consolidating the number of licences on offer, reducing the number of examinations for the gaining of licences and changes to the class rating structure, such requirements for maintenance of competence.

Licensing for aeroplanes, sailplanes, helicopters, gyroplanes and balloons and airships will be covered under the new proposals.

Michael Macdonald, head of general aviation at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said: “To all pilots, the licence they hold is incredibly important.

“We’re looking to simplify the system to make it easier for new pilots to choose their path in aviation, and for existing pilots to maintain and upgrade their licences, all whilst maintaining the UK’s world-class level of safety.

“Experts from the community have been involved throughout the development process of these measures, which we feel will really benefit those looking to gain licences in the UK.”

Reform of the system was a high priority for the general aviation sector when asked by the CAA.

Today’s announcement, the regulator said, signals a major step closer to delivering on those wishes.

The consultation will be open for 10 weeks and will close on the 22 May.