Tuvoli and MySky streamline charter contracts and payments

Business charter operators will be able to seamlessly generate quotes and take payment for bookings requested via Tuvoli following a new integration with the MySky Quote platform.

Integrating MySky Quote into Tuvoli’s digital checkout experience enables operators to benefit from MySky’s precise flight cost and margin calculations and deliver them as customized mobile-friendly DocuSign contracts with integrated credit card processing.

The 2-way synchronization between MySky and Tuvoli also ensures that status updates and communications are automatically relayed and displayed within the MySky Quote dashboard, delivering a user-friendly, end-to-end experience.

Greg Johnson President/CEO of Tuvoli says: “We’re excited to add MySky Quote and its remarkable data-driven pricing engine to the list of systems integrated with Tuvoli’s checkout capability.

“The team at MySky has been great to work with and the combined solution is compelling.”

Tuvoli’s payment engine makes it easy to send wires, ACH payments, and paper checks to vendors. When the other party also has an account with Tuvoli, payments are instant and available 24/7/365.

MySky Quote provides precision, speed and automation, with Tuvoli requests for quotes (RFQs) arriving seamlessly in the MySky solution, enabling operators to provide either an autonomous or semi-autonomous response, significantly enhancing their ability to provide accurate quotes quickly.

Jean de Looz, Head of Americas at MySky said: “Many operators struggle to respond efficiently to RFQs, with their only option typically to hire more people or outsource the process – neither of which is cost-efficient in the medium to long-term.

“The combination of MySky Quote and Tuvoli checkout solves this issue by delivering a complete and seamless solution to our growing US customer base.”