Tidal Jets Introduces the Exclusive “Captain’s Club” Status Program

Tidal Jets Inc., a leader in private jet sales and charter, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated “Captain’s Club” status program.

This innovative tiered program sets a new standard in private aviation, offering clients an unparalleled travel experience with three distinctive tiers: Navigator, Pearl, and Platinum.

Designed to cater to the needs of discerning travelers, the Captain’s Club is a testament to Tidal Jets’ commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

Each tier of the program comes with a host of unique benefits and privileges, making private jet travel even more rewarding for members.

Playing a vital role in the onboarding journey, the company has partnered with Aroma360, the industry leader in scent marketing and branding, to develop a personalized signature fragrance that truly represents the essence of the Tidal Jets lifestyle.

In addition, dedicated staff, complimentary chauffeur service, and carefully selected catering options have all been meticulously arranged to deliver a private jet experience like no other.

The Three Exclusive Tiers


The entry-level tier, Navigator, inducts members to a remarkable travel experience at an accessible buy-in cost of only $499. Navigator members enjoy exclusive benefits, including priority access to empty-leg flights, personalized travel itineraries, and 24/7 concierge services. Additionally, Navigator members will earn Tidal Points, which can be used to unlock higher status levels.


For members aspiring to elevate their travel experience, the Pearl tier offers an exceptional upgrade. By accumulating Tidal Points, members can progress to the Pearl level, gaining access to even more luxurious perks, such as complimentary catering on select flights, priority aircraft upgrades, and complimentary chauffeur service.


At the pinnacle of the Captain’s Club, the Platinum tier delivers the epitome of luxury and exclusivity. Platinum members enjoy the most prestigious privileges, including dedicated aircraft availability, access to owner hours and rarefied events, 15% off empty legs, and much more. The Platinum tier represents the ultimate expression of the Tidal Jets business model.

Tidal Points for Tailored Progression:

As part of the Captain’s Club program, members have the unique opportunity to enhance their status at the time of sign-up. By purchasing additional Tidal Points, members can fast-track their journey to reach the coveted Pearl tier, unlocking even more premium benefits from the outset.

The Captain’s Card – Elevating Your Experience:

All members of the Captain’s Club receive an exquisite Captain’s Card – a titanium card that symbolizes their elite status within the program. The Captain’s Card allows members to conveniently redeem their Tidal Points for various exclusive rewards, ensuring that their private jet travel experience remains extraordinary.

“We are delighted to introduce the Captain’s Club status program, redefining luxury travel in the private aviation industry,” said Ethan Levy, Founder & CEO of Tidal Jets.

“With three distinguished tiers, Navigator, Pearl, and Platinum, our clients can choose the level that best complements their travel preferences and expectations.

“We are committed to providing an unrivaled experience, and the Captain’s Club is a testament to our dedication to excellence.”