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The future of Air Mobility takes off with Greenbird

Trusted airport and aviation industry experts, Keith Tonkin and Sara Hales of AVISTRA have been busy putting their extensive aviation commercialisation and operationalisation skills to facilitating the establishment of a sustainable emerging aviation ecosystem within Australia.

To facilitate the establishment of this ecosystem, AVISTRA has announced the launch of industry collaboration platform, Greenbird.

Greenbird acts as a collaboration platform that increases local capability, leverages international experience and connects industry organisations and government to develop an aviation ecosystem that offers sustainable air mobility for everyone.

Managing Director Sara Hales said emerging aviation technologies offer capability over a wide range of missions, improvements in the cost of air transport and genuine progress towards the decarbonisation of air transport.

“We are launching an industry collaboration platform that will bring together international expertise, local industry participants and government to work together towards a vision where air mobility is for everyone and it doesn’t cost the Earth” she said.

Brisbane recently won the opportunity to host the 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games, creating a unique opportunity to leverage a key event to drive investment and industry attraction, and to demonstrate Australia’s, and Queensland’s, leadership within the aerospace and innovation sectors.

A key metric to the success of building this ecosystem is ensuring the involvement of people with experience working within Australia’s trusted aviation safety and regulatory system.

“Initially, we’re talking about a 4 to 6 seat, electric-powered, piloted aircraft carrying passengers or urgent freight – this is an extension of the commercial, safety and regulatory work we do every day,” said Mr Tonkin.

In order to create the regulatory certainty and an attractive landscape for investment, it is essential to build a partnership approach between industry and government to identify and address the various challenges this industry faces.

Greenbird is currently in discussions with global aircraft manufacturers, vertiport providers, aircraft operators and other stakeholders and looks forward to announcing new platform partners over the coming weeks. 

Organisations interested in participating in this new aviation ecosystem should head over to Greenbird’s website, greenbird.aero, and register their interest.

For more information, please visit: https://www.greenbird.aero/