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Textron Aviation unveils new Hiring and Learning Center to prepare the workforce of today and tomorrow

Textron Aviation today announced the next phase in its ongoing commitment to workforce development and growing its world-class talent: a state-of-the-art Hiring and Learning Center.

Intentionally designed for the diverse skill development and training needs of its current and future workforce, the more than 100,000-square-foot facility will be located on Textron Aviation’s East Wichita Campus and serve as the centralized hub for the company’s hiring, training and talent development initiatives.

“Our commitment to investing in our employees is unwavering, and the establishment of the Hiring and Learning Center is just the latest example of how we are advancing our focus on growing a world-class workforce,” said Maggie Topping, senior vice president, Human Resources & Communications.

“Centralizing our workforce development within this advanced facility is a success multiplier. It will not only equip our team with paid job training to achieve their full potential but also shape the future of Textron Aviation.”

Textron Aviation’s Hiring and Learning Center will bring together programs focused on skill development, job and technical training and hiring activities that are currently dispersed across multiple buildings and campuses into a single facility with an expanded footprint.

As part of the company’s ongoing efforts to set employees up for success right from the start and support them throughout their careers, the facility will house specialty training settings and classes, and participating employees will be paid while completing the courses.

The facility will include a paint lab, sheet metal training, flight control rigging and blueprint reading and interpretation. Additionally, a new K-12 experiential space, multiple classrooms, learning labs and interviewing and onboarding spaces will be located onsite.