TCab Chinese eVTOL developer raises $20 Million financing

TCab Tech E20 eVTOL

Chinese eVTOL developer TCab Tech announces it has raised an additional 20 million USD in its Series A financing.

TCab passenger-carrying E20 eVTOL is a tilt-rotor configuration, a 5-seater equipped with six rotors, four tilt and two lift rotors, and a high gull-wing with a conventional tailplane design.

The eVTOL targets a maximum design range of 200km, and a cruising speed of260km/hour. It is most efficient for commuting between 30 – 150km.

TCab Tech also believes that there are strong demands for E20 eVTOL in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the “Belt and Road” regions because these fast-developing regions would benefit from integrating air-taxi into their transportation infrastructure for aerial-sightseeing and inter-city travel.

With this financing, TCab Tech intends to accelerate the development of E20 aircraft and airworthiness certification goals and ultimately, the commercialization of theE20 eVTOL.