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Tamarack in Discussions with Multiple Q400 Operators Following SkyAlps LOI Announcement at Paris Air Show

After announcing a letter of intent (LOI) between Tamarack Aerospace Group and Italian-based SkyAlps airlines to offer the world’s lightest, quietest, and most sustainable DeHavilland Q400 aircraft, Tamarack Aerospace has now entered into discussions with several other airlines boasting a total of more than fifty aircraft in their combined fleets, which are Q400’s eligible for the Tamarack Eco-SMARTWING   upgrade.

The upgrade offers significant fuel savings, emissions and noise reductions, enhanced safety, ride smoothing and increased climb capabilities. One European airline to be named in the near future figures Tamarack’s technology will add extra passengers to each flight (further making a financial case for the upgrade), a fast ROI and a competitive marketing advantage over other airlines without the Tamarack sustainability focus.

Names of the airlines in talks with Tamarack are expected to be released soon.

U.S. Congressional Chairman of the powerful Transportation & Infrastructure Committee visited the Tamarack and SkyAlps LOI news conference in Paris and met with Tamarack leadership a few weeks later at his regular Wingnuts Flying Circus Airshow in Tarkio, MO. At the Paris Airshow Chairman Graves commented that the Tamarack and SkyAlps announcement had global implications,

“This Letter of Intent between Tamarack – a U.S. aviation technology thought leader – and SkyAlps – also an aviation visionary – is a powerful example of U.S. and other companies working together to meet the world’s sustainability goals,” said Graves.

Commenting on the recent traction with airlines, Tamarack CEO, Nick Guida, said, “We’re delighted with the response of new airlines now actively in contact with us and who are interested in Eco-SMARTWING upgrades.

“I’ve been traveling non-stop to meet these prospects located in several European and North American countries. We are very optimistic about getting the support we need to get program off the ground.”

The certification process, which can take two years or less, is expected to start in Europe, since that is where SkyAlps is based; and Tamarack has experience with certification worldwide, as evidenced by their current fleet of over one-hundred-and-eighty Cessna CitationJets flying globally now with the technology.