TAG Farnborough Airport: solar schools carbon off-setting programme

TAG Farnborough Airport continues its ongoing commitment to sustainable development and carbon footprint reduction by supporting a solar energy focused programme. 

In conjunction with Carbon Footprint Ltd, the airport is off-setting 2018 residual carbon emissions, through the support of renewable energy projects, both locally with the donation of a 10-kilowatt solar array system to Newlands Primary School in Yateley, Hampshire.

At Newlands School this week, celebrating the switching on of new solar power system, Miles Thomas, environment manager for TAG Farnborough Airport, said: “Our voluntary participation in the Airport Carbon Accreditation programme provides the opportunity to achieve this through projects that are not only designed to meet our carbon footprint offsetting requirements, but also provide direct benefit to our local community.”

TAG Farnborough Airport became the first business aviation airport in the world to achieve carbon neutrality in 2018, continuing to make further reductions in its carbon footprint, with a confirmed offset of 1,605 tonnes of carbon emissions in the last year.

In cooperation with Carbon Footprint, TAG Farnborough Airport has offset residual emissions through credible and certified offsetting projects, which in recent years have included school tree planting in the local area paired with a conservation project in the Amazon rainforest, with the Florestal Santa Maria Project.

Dr Wendy Buckley, client director at Carbon Footprint, said, “It is fantastic to see TAG Farnborough Airport continue to support community projects, both on a local and international basis.  It is highly appropriate that having already introduced new technology, including solar power, at their own site.”

The airport is also supporting an overseas solar power project in rural India, providing employment in a developing region, helping decarbonise the national grid and reduce power outage.