TAG Aviation launches new Aircraft Acquisition service

TAG Aviation has launched a new Aircraft Acquisition service, for existing clients and first time-customers, to purchase private jets or to replace their current aircraft.

The company will provide support on areas associated with the purchase of a new or pre-owned aircraft, whatever the size, which is a service that brokers and dealers do not offer.

Florent Sériès, vice president of sales and marketing for TAG Aviation Europe, said: “Our comprehensive range of services, technical expertise and industry connections are unparalleled and will assure every client that they will get the best aircraft at the best price and always to the highest possible standard across the board.”

TAG’s expert team will undertake a comprehensive acquisition analysis for every client taking into consideration maintenance schedules, charter potential and typical study routes.

It will guide clients through regulatory tasks, as well as examining operating costs, finance options and even tax implications, ensuring all aircraft are in line with ownership expectations and budgetary considerations.