Sun Group launches luxury business aviation service company in Vietnam

Sun Group announced the launch of SUN AIR, the very first luxury business aviation service company in Vietnam to offer aircraft management and private jet charter.

Providing the utmost in comfort, convenience, and privacy, Sun Air is elevating luxury air travel in Vietnam to new heights.

Whether clients travel for business or pleasure, Sun Air delivers a bespoke travel service tailored to their specific requirements.

Sun Air operates the state-of-art Gulfstream G650ER and the Gulfstream G700, which hold the record for the farthest and fastest flight in business aviation history and the market-leading position in reliability and customer satisfaction.

Aside from the business jet fleet, Sun Air also offers scenic flights by seaplane and helicopter, giving tourists an exceptional sightseeing of the spectacular and distinctive beauty of Vietnam.

The launch of the premium charter company comes into view at a time of booming demand for world-wide private travel experiences, a trend which has been accelerated after big COVID-19 bailouts.

Following a market research by the aviation consulting firm ARGUS International, private aviation has bounced back faster than many industries, including the airlines.

At this point in time, private air travel is about even 15% larger today than it was in 2019.

Furthermore, after flocking to private aviation for the perceived health advantages of avoiding crowded airports and commercial planes, wealthy people have since discovered the time-saving and productivity advantages, a sign that the increased interest in private aviation may be here to stay.

“The launch of Sun Air is entirely in the sustainable development roadmap of Sun Group. Not only being a new piece in the picture of Sun Group’s ecosystem of “quality-class-difference” products and services, but Sun Air also goes a long way towards opening the development of upmarket general aviation, a potential field in prosperous countries,” said Mr. Dang Minh Truong – Chairman of Sun Group Corp.

Two brand new ultra-long-range aircraft, the Gulfstream G650ER, will be operated by Sun Air in the third quarter of 2022.

Additionally, a Gulfstream G700, a helicopter and two seaplanes will join the expanding fleet by 2025.

Looking further ahead, the large-cabin Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) and Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), epitomes of luxury and sophistication in business jets, are also part of Sun Air’s five-year plan.