Success for Dassault Group at Course du Cœur 2023

The 2023 edition was once again a success for the Dassault Group team, which came first in the ranking of the thirteen participating companies.

A sporting success of course, but also and above all a human one.

The most important thing was to highlight the cause defended: the gift of life, in particular thanks to exchanges with transplanted runners and the populations of the towns crossed.

To sum up this adventure, the team showed a great collective spirit which enabled them to brave the various trials and the sometimes difficult conditions to cover the entire 750 km between Paris and Les Arcs.

The godmother, Valérie Guillemet and the godfather, Jean-Guillaume “Marty” Martinez, were an exceptional support throughout the event. support throughout the event.

They helped the team to give their all through daily monitoring and They helped the team to give their all through daily monitoring and constant encouragement, which was much appreciated.

For Michaël, team captain: “All this spirit will have given a very good performance whose main goal is to put forward a the main aim of which is to promote a great cause, namely the gift of life. The exchanges with our sponsor “Marty” were particularly appreciated.

“He was present with the team throughout the race He was with the team throughout the race, which of course touched us a lot.”