Charter Announces System Integration with Avinode, the leading developer of business operations systems for aviation, today announced the integration of its Business Operations System (BOS) with Avinode, a platform that processes approximately 18 million trip requests per year.

This is the first plug-and-play customer relationship management (CRM) system to be integrated with the Avinode platform and which is tailor-made for charter brokers. BOS manages the entire ‘trip request lifecycle’ – the end-to-end process that begins with initial client contact and extends through aircraft sourcing, quoting/contracting, trip management and financial reconciliation.

Avinode connects the business aviation industry globally, on a daily basis. It provides access to the largest, most active and most responsive network of air charter buyers and sellers.

Features and benefits of integration include:

  • Seamless two-way flow of data between systems
  • Synergy of’s B2C tools and Avinode’s B2B Marketplace
  • Streamlined communications between charter brokers and aircraft operators
  • Quotes sourced from Avinode, and charter brokers’ proprietary methods may be accessed and viewed on a single screen
  • Easy access to rich data allows charter brokers to build better client relationships
  • Merged CRM workflow tools and RFQ/booking data generate strategic insight into internal operations

“Integration with Avinode is a real game-changer for us,” says Greg Jarrett, CEO,

“This is the first plug-and-play CRM system, for charter brokers, to be integrated with Avinode.

“It allows our clients to access their proprietary databases – plus the Avinode platform – in a single workflow.

“The result is access to a massive amount of data and the ability to compare and propose best aircraft/best route/best price options quickly and easily.”

“Then, using our ‘Digital Presentation Tool’, charter brokers can immediately generate links to mobile-ready proposals for their clients,” adds Greg Jarrett.

“In short, integration makes it easier to sell trips. Working with Avinode, we have developed a very powerful digital platform that is customized for charter brokers.

“It makes their workflows faster, easier, more profitable and much less stressful.”