Sonic Air granted Aruban AOC, operates 787 BBJ

Business aircraft operator Hongkong Jet has begun a new commercial operation, flying Boeing 787 Dreamliner P4-787 on the Aruba register under the Sonic Air AOC.

Hongkong Jet’s offering spans private jet aircraft management, business jet charter, aircraft maintenance and aircraft sales. It recently completed its IS-BAO Stage III renewal audit and has also announced that Sonic Air has already completed an IS-BAO Stage I audit.

Hongkong Jet CEO, Alex Jiao said: “It is great to start our year with the completion of the IS-BAO Stage III renewal audit as well as the granting of our Aruban AOC. We always offer our clients cost-saving solutions when it comes to aircraft management. Clients can now use charter revenue to offset a portion of their operating costs by placing their aircraft on our Aruba AOC and adding it to our charter fleet.”

Hongkong Jet’s 787 was the first 787 BBJ. It accommodates up to 40 passengers and is used by governments, royal families and heads of state. For missions of up to 18.5 hours, or 8,100nm, it usually operates with a crew of four pilots.

French aircraft interior designer Jacques Pierrejean penned the interior, which took more than 30 months to complete. It includes a luxury master bedroom suite, bathroom, living room and large dining room.