SmartSky Networks first ATG provider to connect to Honeywell Forge

SmartSky Networks announced today it is ready to bring Honeywell Forge to customers in Business Aviation.

With the company open for business and showcasing its unmatched next-generation ATG network, SmartSky becomes the first ATG provider to enable Honeywell Forge.

Business aviation subscribers can now take advantage of Honeywell’s full suite of mission-management capabilities for connectivity, flight operations, navigation databases and maintenance through SmartSky’s best-in-class, fast, dependable, and secure network.

“Our partnership with Honeywell, provides business aviation operators access to advanced software services and performance insights that improve the flying experience, drive efficient operations and take full advantage of our unmatched network performance,” said SmartSky Networks CEO David Helfgott.

Honeywell Forge focuses on state-of-the-art enhanced offerings, partner integrations and a better user experience.

Software enhancements will help customers oversee their entire operation, improve how they manage their fleet and reduce operational costs while improving the passenger experience. It offers the following advantages:

  • Custom alerts in an integrated dashboard, so directors of maintenance and flight operations always know the status of their fleet
  • Real-time insights and actions to address connectivity issues, changes in flight plans, navigation database availability and maintenance events — improving operational inefficiencies and ultimately lowering costs
  • 24/7 personalized service and support from Honeywell’s exceptional team is available, anywhere, and anytime throughout the year

“Honeywell Forge capabilities will continue to expand through ongoing software enhancements which is an ideal fit with SmartSky’s high performance network.  We have flown with SmartSky many times and their fast, dependable, and secure performance is a perfect match for our Forge offering.” said John Peterson, vice president and general manager, Software and Services at Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Aerospace.

SmartSky’s network is live today, currently covers the majority of business aviation flight routes in the US, and is quickly progressing toward FULL CONUS coverage in the first half of 2022.