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SkyShare unveils heavy jet fractional ownership program

image credit: SkyShare

SkyShare, a full-service private aviation solution, introduces SkyShare SFX+, a new fractional program providing guaranteed access to Gulfstream G450s, Challenger 300s, Gulfstream G200s, Citation Excels, Citation CJ2s, and Pilatus PC-12s.

Through this offering, SkyShare aims to redefine business travel for entrepreneurs and companies with a footprint in the Western U.S.

SkyShare’s model maintains consistent Initial Investment and Monthly Management Fees, irrespective of the aircraft selected.

This unique feature allows owners to tailor their flying experience to each journey’s specific needs without the burden of complicated interchange formulas.

Cory Bengtzen, CEO and visionary behind SkyShare states: “We flipped the traditional model at SkyShare, starting with the customer experience and working backwards.

“Over my 15 years owning this company and piloting aircraft, I’ve been so fortunate to pick the brains of fellow entrepreneurs, jet owners, pilots, maintenance techs, FBO owners, and jet operators on what’s missing in private flight…and I think we’re onto something really special with SFX+.

“I can’t think of another flight program in the world that gives the customer these flight options, with guaranteed availability, for just one share.”