Sino Jet Procures 100 AEROFUGIA Manned eVTOL Aircraft to Revolutionize Business Aviation

Sino Jet, Asia-Pacific’s leading business aviation enterprise, has inked a monumental procurement agreement with AEROFUGIA, a subsidiary of Geely Group, for the acquisition of 100 state-of-the-art eVTOL aircraft.

This strategic milestone aims to forge a pioneering urban mobility ecosystem. Simultaneously, Sino Jet and AEROFUGIA have solidified their partnership through an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement.

Both entities are set to collaboratively shape the ongoing airworthiness standards for eVTOLs, providing a comprehensive solution for low-altitude, three-dimensional commercial operations.

The agility, convenience, and privacy inherent in business jets make them the preferred mode of transportation for time-conscious business executives.

Today’s business aviation landscape predominantly comprises jet-propelled aircraft, which require designated runways for flights between airports.

In contrast, eVTOLs represent an innovative generation of aviation technology marked by safety, reliability, environmental consciousness, and economic efficiency.

With minimal takeoff and landing area requirements, zero carbon emissions, stellar performance, and enhanced safety measures, eVTOLs align with environmental and sustainable development principles.

Leveraging these strengths, eVTOLs seamlessly complement business jets, elevating the quality of end-to-end travel experiences and further  enhancing time efficiency.

The AE200 eVTOLs procured by Sino Jet have a maximum range of 200-300 km, a cruising speed of 250 km/h, while the noise of the propellor is only around 45 dB. Having successfully completed its maiden flight, the prototype has embarked on comprehensive type certification efforts.

The AE200 is the first tilt-rotor eVTOL to complete full-scale prototype test flight in China.