Sino Jet partners with Kaluga Queen Caviar

image credit: Kaluga Queen Caviar

Sino Jet, Asia-Pacific’s business jet management company, has recently entered into a partnership with Kaluga Queen, a caviar brand from Hangzhou Qiandaohu Xunlong Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., heralding the commencement of a profound strategic alliance.

By combining their specialized expertise, the two entities are set to craft exceptional products and services, dedicated to delivering an unrivaled luxury experience for elite individuals who aspire to a superior way of living.

Sino Jet offers comprehensive services including aircraft management, charter flights, ground support, luxury travel, and the operation of private jet terminals, ensuring clients enjoy a one-stop, all-encompassing concierge service.

Sino Jet has launched the “Journey of Time” initiative, which involves a continuous collaboration with global luxury hotels, restaurants, and premium food brands to tailor exquisite menus for private jets.

To commemorate their partnership, Sino Jet and Kaluga Queen have jointly launched the “Above the Sky” themed flight, redefining the pinnacle of in-flight culinary experiences with a philosophy that highlights exquisite craftsmanship.

The private jet cabin’s decor and service elements are infused with Kaluga Queen’s brand spirit and product essence.