Rescue search continues for missing PA 46 Piper Malibu plane

The search for missing footballer, Emiliano Sala, continues after his private jet—a Piper Malibu plane—went missing from radar screens yesterday (21 January) evening.

According to Guernsey Police, over 1,000 square miles have been searched so far, by a total of five aircraft and two lifeboats. The search is being coordinated by the Joint Emergency Services Control Centre. There has been no trace of the aircraft and the search continues.

The Guernsey Police update at 13.15 said:  “There are currently two planes, two helicopters and a lifeboat searching for the aircraft. No trace has yet been found. Conditions during the search last night were challenging, with wave heights of up to two-meters, with heavy rain showers and poor visibility. Today the sea is much calmer, and although visibility was good, it is now deteriorating.

“UK authorities have been calling airfields on the south coast to see if the missing PA 46 Malibu plane landed there. So far we have no confirmation that it did. The search will continue throughout the afternoon, with a decision taken at sunset as to whether it will carry on overnight.

French Police earlier confirmed the light aircraft had disappeared from the skies ever the English Channel Islands, near Alderny.

The Argentine was travelling back from Nantes, France to Cardiff in the UK. He was on the way to meet his new Cardiff City team members when the aircraft went missing.

Photo credit: Guernsey Police

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