Start-up Scylax seeks €80 million for E10 all-electric aircraft

German start-up SCYLAX is developing an innovative and technologically sustainable 10-seat all-electric aircraft designed for regional transport for “environmentally conscious” business and utility aircraft operators.

“Our focus is on research, development and commercialization of advanced technologies for all-electric aircraft” claims SCYLAX in a press release.

Called the E10, the all-composite, short take-off and landing aircraft will be marketed as an alternative to general, business and commercial aviation stalwarts such as the Cessna 402, 208 Caravan, Beechcraft King Air and Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander.

“The market for the E10 is huge,” says Rosario de Luca, co-founder of the Munich-based company.

“SCYLAX aircraft aims to be the first electric aircraft to enter the commercial aviation sector and will be a challenger in the medium to high-end General Aviation market.”

They are currently seeking funding of around €80 million ($88 million) to bring the aircraft to market by 2027.

The Aviation market, and society as a whole, is concerned about CO₂ emissions, noise pollution, the potential of future fuel price fluctuations and is constantly seeking cleaner alternative engine, transportation concepts and solutions.

The vision was conceived some years ago in Munich by one of our founders, Calin Gologan. In early 2011, Elektra One, an all-electric leisure aviation light aircraft took to the skies.

In the past six years founders Calin Gologan and Rosario De Luca  have been engaged with the conception and development of the first all-electric commercial aircraft.

“We expect to freeze the design shortly,” de Luca says.

He adds that the development has taken longer than expected as the project was originally launched as a six-seater.

“There is a much bigger market for a 10-person aircraft, so we have put the E6 on hold for now,” he says.