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RUBAA safety workshop performed in Moscow

On the 20th of March in Moscow at Aerostar hotel the III annual Flight Safety and Fuel Safety Workshop for Business Aviation was performed with great success.

At the event there were present over 100 participants, representing mostly business aviation operators and airlines from Russia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan. Number of attendees in comparison to the previous workshop edition is twice as much which confirms interest of the society for the event and understanding of the highest importance of the discussed topics; the entire program was dedicated to flight safety and safe operation of business jets.

This year the workshop took one day and by its format was totally as declared; all experts’ presentations were followed by questions to the speakers and discussions.

The Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation actively participated in the event, which comprises information delivery on personnel training, as well as attending of the event by a numerous group of students, which was well received by the industry representatives.

Bombardier Business Aircraft and Air Total, whose experts also participated as speakers, traditionally supported the event.

The IV Safety Workshop is planned for 2019 and will be dedicated partly to personnel training issues, as this vector in many aspects specifies development of any industry and primarily the Russian business aviation, which shows permanent growth and development.