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Rosen Aviation Maverick First-Class VR Experience Nominated for 2022 International Yacht & Aviation Awards

Design et-al (Chester, United Kingdom), host of the annual International Yacht & Aviation Design Awards, has selected Rosen Aviation LLC (Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.), supported by 3D visualization experts KiPcreating (Miami, Florida, USA) and luxury design experts SkyStyle (Argentina), as a finalist in the “Cabin Design – Concept” category for the 2022 awards show for their immersive first-class VR experience.

Following on the success and accolades earned by The Maverick Project, Rosen set out to create a next-level demonstration of their transcendent vision for luxury travel that blends cutting-edge technology with a bold, contemporary aesthetic.

The result is an interactive tour that lets users see the first-class cabin of the future from all angles while commanding its many innovative technologies, such as digital windows and hologram controllers.

The three companies work in a deeply collaborative process to bring together an evolutionary vision for the cabin of the future, combining contemporary design, built around an unprecedented level of functionality and passenger comfort, in an immersive 3D experience.

Lee Clark, Senior Vice-President Strategy at Rosen Aviation declared: “Our vision for the commercial cabin of the future is born from the same mission of the original Maverick Project VIP concept – elevating the passenger experience.

“Many of the same design features and technologies are equally applicable in a commercial business/first-class setting.

“Why shouldn’t passengers expect the level of comfort and connectivity they have grown accustomed to in their home and car while flying in a premiere airline?

“Airlines want to differentiate themselves from their competitors and we can help them achieve their goals.

Max Pardo, Founder & CEO at KiPcreating had this to say: “Our goal with this experience was very clear from the beginning. Users will feel the ultra-comfort of a first-class cabin and interact with the technology that Rosen develops.

“The final result exceeded all expectations; it transports users to a premium experience.

“This project raised the bar in business aviation and set new standards in cabin design.“

Lucas Colombo Carbone, Design Director & Co-Founder at Sky-Style offered this: “Design is meant to be simple yet complete and eye-catching, and ultra-comfort is naturally a must.

“In Rosen’s “First Class” project, the mission was to make passengers feel like they were flying on their private jet.

“And the challenge was to create the perfect space around them, using the best and latest technology in the most intelligent way.”