Rolls-Royce enhance CorporateCare service for business jet customers

Rolls-Royce is further enhancing its CorporateCare® service, the comprehensive, fixed-cost engine maintenance management programme for its business jet customers.

The newly introduced CorporateCare Enhanced, which will be available for new and in-service business aviation engines, will cover a wide range of additional services items for the AE 3007 and Tay engines.

For the Pearl 15, BR710 and BR725 engines it will also cover maintenance for the whole powerplant and additionally include nacelle, engine build-up and thrust reverser unit-related services.

The service will be introduced as standard for all new CorporateCare customers from 2019 onwards and will also be eligible as an upgrade to existing contracts.

Andy Robinson, Rolls-Royce, SVP Services – Business Aviation, said: “We pride ourselves on delivering market-leading services to our customers.

By remaining innovative and listening to our customers, we are able to continue delivering comprehensive levels of care which are raising the bar for the whole industry.

With the new CorporateCare Enhanced we are delighted to take services to the next level, bringing considerable value to our customer base. The new standard makes it truly an ‘all-inclusive’ solution that our customers will love.”

Rolls-Royce, celebrating 60 years in business aviation this year, is the leading business aviation engine supplier, powering over 3,000 business aircraft in-service.

Today, more than 2,000 aircraft are covered by CorporateCare and more than 70 per cent of new delivery Rolls-Royce powered aircraft are enrolled in the programme.

CorporateCare Enhanced offers substantial financial and operational benefits to customers, such as increased asset value and liquidity, mitigating maintenance cost risk and protection against unforeseen costs and unscheduled events anywhere in the world.

Increased aircraft availability, reduced management burden, full risk transfer, direct priority access to the Rolls-Royce services infrastructure and remote site assistance are further benefits for our customers.