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Ready to Network, Ready to Innovate: VOO Joins Forces at AIR OPS 24

VOO returns to Brussels to exhibit at AIR OPS 24 and to showcase its automated next-generation B2B marketplace where charter broker and aircraft operator can experience the full power of auto-quotes and real-time private jet charter bookings on just one platform.

This premier European event designed for business aviation flight operations professionals will take place on February 20–21 at the Event Lounge in Brussels and will feature an exhibition, training opportunities and informative sessions.

This year the show will feature a two-day event, preceded by a flightops training day, and will include an exhibition as well as practical training and information sessions.

AIR OPS 24 will feature 40 exhibitors and more than 400 attendees who will be able to delve deeper into industry trends through informative sessions and network with key players in the business aviation community.

All participants will also be able to experience hands-on learning opportunities, attend educational and thematic training sessions and network with the industry’s leading experts.

CEO of VOO Flights Robert Plhak will be speaking at the conference, presenting the VOO software to the international public, holding a live demo and a pitch-presentation within the topic “Tech-Driven Evolution: Enhancing Connectivity in 2024 Flight Operations” where leading business aviation technology companies such as VOO will present innovative solutions to address persistent challenges in a dynamic session focused on optimizing communication both in the operations room and in the field.

Robert Plhak, CEO at VOO flights: “AIR OPS is an important event in our busy event calendar for 2024.

“For VOO it’s not just another industry event, but a major opportunity to continue building the recognition of our marketplace on the one hand, and to network with key business aviation professionals on the other.

“The event format perfectly supports our business approach, and I’m also grateful to the EBAA for the opportunity to speak at the conference, where I will briefly introduce VOO to the esteemed audience as part of the Tech[1]Driven Evolution panel.

“I look forward to many engaging conversations about the future of business aviation and the development of air charter operations through the power of the VOO software”.