Private Jet Company Volato Announces   the launch of Volato Insider Membership Program

Volato, the most efficient way to experience a luxury private jet, announces the launch of Volato Insider, a deposit-based membership program featuring capped hourly rates when you fly on their fleet of HondaJets inside or between specific zones across the country.

The program was developed for customers who wish to take advantage of Volato’s best charter rates through dynamic pricing with the certainty of capped rates.

The program features three coverage zones: Base, Plus and Max, in expanding concentric circles surrounding designated airports across the country.

The higher the deposit level the lower your capped hourly rate will be and the greater your coverage zone –Base, Plus or Max – leading to more airports you can access at those capped rates.

“We wanted to create a program that competes directly with Jet Cards by providing the best possible rates for our customers, while maximizing operational efficiency for the fleet.” Said Mike Prachar, Chief Operating Officer at Volato,

“Providing customers with highly competitive rates on our modern fleet of luxurious HondaJets within our busiest service areas is a win-win for everyone.”

Insider zones at launch are centered on San Francisco (OAK), Las Vegas (LAS), Los Angeles (VNY), Dallas (DAL), Houston (HOU), Miami (OPF), Atlanta (PDK), and New York (TEB).

Insiders can fly from or to all designated airports within circles that radiate from these centers, with the ‘Base’ zone extending 125 miles, the ‘Plus’ zone extending 250 miles and the ‘Max’ zone extending 500 miles from the center of each Insider zone.

“At Volato we pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions that make it easier for our customers to access and experience the benefits of private aviation.” Said Norm Katz, Executive Vice President of Sales at Volato.

“Our Insider deposit program provides easy draw down, great pricing, and access to the best customer experience team in the industry today.

“It gives customers a fantastic opportunity to experience  Volato. We are so confident in the value of the Volato Insider Program, that the program is 100% refundable on any unused balance.”